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Creation and publishing of books, educational resources, and marketing materials for the children’s market.

About Carol Watterson

I am a BC-based author, freelance writer, editor, and publishing consultant. Living on nature’s doorstep on Vancouver Island, where the forest meets the sea, fuels my love of the natural world. Children’s books are my favourite art form as they offer the opportunity to create a visual experience through words and illustration; the story is my canvas. I write stories for children, for adults who read with children, and for those who have never outgrown their love of children’s books. My own curiosity and love of storytelling inspires me to write stories that encourage children to discover and explore the natural world. With my first picture book, An Edible Alphabet: 26 Reasons to Love the Farm, Tricycle Press/Random House, I told stories related to food, farming, and agriculture.

My professional roots are in ever-changing Canadian publishing landscape, where for 25+ years I’ve worked in a variety of roles including Associate Publisher at Raincoast Books where I developed and acquired both fiction and non-fiction for readers of all ages. Both in-house and then as an independent publishing professional, I’ve honed my skills in every aspect of the industry, from acquisitions, contracts, rights and development to editorial, production, design, and sales and marketing. Now, as an independent publishing professional, writing coach, freelance writer, and author I enjoy applying my skills and enthusiasm for storytelling to help clients and authors tell their stories . I am also the co-principal of Behind the Book (behindthebook.ca), a self-publishing consulting company that works with authors to self-publish books – including children’s picture books – of the highest standards.

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