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Creation and publishing of books, educational resources, and marketing materials for the children’s market.

About Me

I am a BC-based author, freelance writer, editor, and self-publishing consultant. Living on nature’s doorstep on Vancouver Island, where the forest meets the sea, fuels my love of the natural world. Children’s books are my favourite art form as they offer the opportunity to create a visual experience through words and illustration; the story is my canvas. I write stories for children first, for the adults who read with children, and also for those who have never outgrown their love of a good children’s book. My own curiosity and love of storytelling inspires me to write non-fiction stories that help children to discover and explore the world around them. With my first picture book, An Edible Alphabet: 26 Reasons to Love the Farm, Tricycle Press/Random House I developed a particular expertise and interest in telling stories related to food, farming and agriculture. For non-fiction I combine a lively and engaging writing style with facts, photographs and illustrations to capture the heart of a story and help kids grasp why we need to care about a topic and how it affects them.

My roots are in traditional publishing, where for 25+ years I’ve honed my skills first in a variety of roles at some of Canada’s most esteemed trade publishing houses and then as an independent publishing professional, writing coach, freelance writer and author. I am the co-principal of Behind the Book (behindthebook.ca), a self-publishing consulting company and works with authors and companies to self-publish Fiction and Non-fiction books – including children’s picture books – of the highest standards.

Services I Offer

Samples From My Portfolio

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Alfalfabet; The Wonderful Words from Agriculture

By Carol Watterson, illustrations by Michela Sorrentino
Recommended for readers 5 -10 years, 48 pages
Published in trade cloth and paperback editions
Client: BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation

Not just a picture book, nor just an A to Z, but a joyous journey into the world of farming to discover where our food really comes from, Alfalfabet was conceived and developed for BC Agriculture in the Classroom as their premier resource for teachers and educators for primary classrooms.

“This engaging and informative foray into farms of all kinds practically bursts with the creators’ enthusiasm for their subject….The book succeeds on many levels; each letter features an alliterative and/or silly sentence or two, suitable for a classroom storytime, while additional text offers more information about the plants and animals featured on a spread.”
— Review, School Library Journal, July 1, 2011

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An Edible Alphabet; 26 Reasons to Love the Farm

By Carol Watterson, illustrations by Michela Sorrentino
Recommended for readers 5-10 years, 48 pages
Trade cloth edition available from Random House Kids
Client: Tricycle Press/Random House Kids

“In this food-focused ABC book for a wide age range, the combination of facts and language play creates plenty of fun….Kids will enjoy learning about common foods, even as they savor the clever wordplay for each letter of the alphabet.”
— Review, Booklist, June 7, 2011

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Cranberry Bounce; Tales from a BC Cranberry Farm

By Carol Watterson, design by Michela Sorrentino
Recommended for readers 5-10 years
Client: BC Cranberry Marketing Commission

Developed and created a series of educational information sheets for the BC Cranberry Marketing Commission for new and emerging readers. Through photographs, stories and facts, five-year-old Jack Keefer shares his stories about the history of cranberry farming, growing and harvesting cranberries and growing up on Yellow Point Cranberry Farm on Vancouver Island. These sheets are used to enhance the experiences of visitors to cranberry farms across the province, and to provide educators teaching materials for farming studies and literacy curriculum studies.

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The Scoop on This Week’s Snack

By Carol Watterson, illustrations/design by Michela Sorrentino
Recommended for readers K-grade 3
Client: BC School Fruit and Vegetable Nutritional Program (BCSFVNP)

A series of information sheets created to assist teachers in leading their primary students on discussions as they observe the colour, shape, texture, flavour, smell and taste of a variety of fresh snacks. Each sheet is double-sided (for printing and/or download) and includes facts, trivia, history, along with information on how each fruit or vegetable is grown and harvested and a related agriculture topic. All are presented in a fun and engaging manner and designed to help children discover more about where their food comes from and agriculture in BC

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The Double Scoop on This Week’s Snack

By Carol Watterson, illustrations/design by Michela Sorrentino
Recommended for readers grades 4-7
Client: BC School Fruit and Vegetable Nutritional Program (BCSFVNP)

These double-sided information sheets further the discussion of where our food comes from by introducing middle-grade students to the growers and suppliers of each of the fresh fruit and vegetable snacks provided on the program throughout the school year. Each sheet profiles a BC farmer or grower along with their product and engages students in exercises and activities related to agriculture incorporating math, language arts and social studies curriculum.

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A Cow’s Tale

By Carol Watterson, illustrations by Michela Sorrentino
Recommended for readers K-grade 4
Client: BC Dairy Association

A series of double-sided information sheets designed to introduce primary students to the wonderful world of milk and dairy farming. The narrative (13 consecutive chapters) combines facts and story to follow the days in the life of a calf named ‘Please’ on a fictional family-run BC dairy farm. With each chapter, seasons change and ‘Please’ grows as together she and readers learn all about dairy cows and discover where milk comes from, how cows produce milk, and the many activities and jobs on a dairy farm. Each chapter includes an experiment, engaging classroom learning game, or a seasonal craft.

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It All Starts Here

By Carol Watterson, illustration/design by Michela Sorrentino
Client: BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation

A sample from series of posters and classroom display pieces created by BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation in partnership with the BC Ministry of Agriculture to enhance their health, food and agriculture curricula.

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